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Where Can I Get A Wheel Alignment : Example Of Color Wheel.

Where Can I Get A Wheel Alignment

where can i get a wheel alignment

    wheel alignment
  • Wheel alignment is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification.

  • Aligning a vehicle's wheels, by checking and, if necessary, resetting front and/or rear suspension and steering angles to the manufacturer's specifications. Uneven tire wear or steering that pulls can indicate a need to have the wheel alignment checked or adjusted.

  • The adjustment of various components to meet predetermined specifications for camber, caster, toe and ride height.

    can i
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where can i get a wheel alignment - Strait-Line 6041101CD

Strait-Line 6041101CD LL120 3/16-Inch at 20-Feet Manual Level Interior Line Laser

Strait-Line 6041101CD LL120 3/16-Inch at 20-Feet Manual Level Interior Line Laser

Strait-Line Laser Level, 120 Is A High Power Surface Mount Laser Square That Works In Brightly Lit Workplaces, Features 2 Axis Adjustment, A 360 Degree Rotation and Aim, That Provides Optimal Line Control Over 120' Workspace, Laser Line 120 Includes An Angle Indexing Ring That Provides Accuracy In Results, A 635 NM Laser Diode For Superior Line Visibility In Brightly Lit Conditions and A Rubberized Case For Durability.

Here's a laser level perfect for the homeowner or contractor who's hanging cabinets or shelving, installing suspended ceiling or flooring or just hanging artwork. It's compact, inexpensive and reliable. Strait-Line's 60-foot laser line can mark a 120-foot work area by swiveling the laser, and it's accurate to +/- 3/16" at 20 feet. Best of all, it leaves not a mark on your surface, unlike other laser levels we've seen that have pins on the back. Instead, just peel the strip of 3M Command Adhesive (be sure to affix the correct side to each surface) and place the level. For a horizontal line, just turn the unit until the bubble in the horizontal level is between the two lines. For a vertical line, keep your eye on the vertical level's bubble. Lengthening the line is a snap, accomplished just by changing the tilt angle on the mounting base up to 4 degrees. At its full length, the line isn't as bright as when it's projecting just a few feet, but even so, it's bright enough to work from. Hanging a wall border around a corner? No problem: The laser will round the bend for you. It's slick, fast, easy and fun. Our only complaints: It only comes with four Command Adhesive strips (so stock up) and the two AA batteries are not included. Other than that, it's a great little tool.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

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Mr. Trucklet goes to the hospital

Mr. Trucklet goes to the hospital

Well, the Trucklet was picked up this afternoon, and he's at the collision shop now. Unfortunately, my insurance hasn't sent the info to them yet, so they were scratching their heads as to why it was there. They're making a call to get the info. I'm hoping they can get started on things by tomorrow.

I just returned from Enterprise (they didn't pick me up) where I got a 2009 Kia Spectra. Not a bad little car, still in the same family, and quite peppy. Enterprise also offered me gas at $2.15, so I went for it. That's 30 cents lower than the local gas stations!

Now it's the waiting part. Waiting for the Trucklet to be fixed, waiting to get the money for my stolen camera gear so I can start reordering everything.

As you can (or maybe can't) see, the asshat did a real number on him. Before this, he was pristine. Not a single ding on him anywhere, he just needed to be washed. (Well, he did have a couple hundred dead bugs on the front end from my trip, which I hadn't got around to cleaning off yet.) The only thing missed was the bumpers. My rear wheel is damaged and it's little hub cap is smashed, but I noticed as they were lifting it up that the front little hubcap is cracked too, so I'll have to mention that to the collision shop so they can get Safeco to approve that being replaced too. That means my lovely lying, sneaking neighbor got him from wheel to wheel. Nice.

Poor little guy.



Let's see...eight hours, three Coke Zeros, one drilled-out screw, one one-cup press of Guatemalan coffee, one NIB Shimano chain from Cal Coast, one too-short brake cable housing, two freshly cleaned chainrings, and one test ride later...it's awesome. I can't wait to get some rides under the tires!

where can i get a wheel alignment

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