10mm Wheel Spacer : 4 Wheel Parts And Service.

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10mm Wheel Spacer : 4 Wheel Parts And Service.

10mm Wheel Spacer

10mm wheel spacer

    wheel spacer
  • spacer having circular section, perpendicular to the bar to which it is attached, used for maintaining cover in vertical members to the reinforcement nearest the surface of the concrete.

  • To help compare different orders of magnitude, this page lists lengths starting at 107 metres (10 megametres or 10,000 kilometres).

  • The 10mm Auto (10x25mm, Official C.I.P. Nomenclature: 10 mm Auto) is a semi-automatic pistol cartridge developed by Jeff Cooper and introduced in 1983 for the Bren Ten pistol. It was initially produced by ammunitions manufacturer FFV Norma AB of Amotfors, Sweden.

10mm + 15mm Spacer Test on My Car

10mm + 15mm Spacer Test on My Car

Thanks to Joshua at The People's Repair Shop, i tried a set of spacers he had to see if it would give me the look i wanted.

We put 10mm on the front and 15mm on the back of the passenger side. The front was very close to flush but the rear could have used a good bit more. As i measured it, i'm gonna go with 12mm up front and 25mm in the rear to be perfectly flush.

This is lowered on H&R Race Springs with Koni Sport Yellow shocks and OEM VW "Monte Carlo" 17" wheels.




Just had a set of 10MM H&R spacers added to the rear wheels, along with Autotech 37mm extended lugs, gives a much nicer stance, and the rear wheel well no longer looks like it's eating the tire & wheel. But from the front it still looks like it could use a 15mm instead of a 10mm boost.

10mm wheel spacer

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